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Thailand Foundation
Globalization, democratization, and advanced information and communication technology have empowered people in today’s world allowing them to play an increasing role in political, economic, and social decision-making processes both domestically and internationally. Through non-political instruments, such as arts, culture, and educational exchange programs, public diplomacy is regarded as an effective and discreet means 
to gain the access to foreign audiences, including interest groups and opinion leaders, 
and to promote people-to-people understanding. Recognizing present global trend and 
the increasingly important role of public diplomacy, the Thailand Foundation, as 
an independent non-governmental agency, was, therefore, founded in 2007 with 
the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Thailand.
The Fundamental objectives of the Foundation are as follows:
promoting better understanding of Thailand in the international community and making foreign audiences, both in Thailand and abroad, have correct perception of Thailand.
promoting and reinforcing positive image of Thailand in every aspect that Thailand has potential in order to gain deeper appreciation from foreign public.
encouraging public and private sectors to cooperate closely with the Foundation in fulfilling the aforementioned objectives.
To achieve above objectives, the Foundation will pursue the following activities:
disseminating “Thainess”, e.g. arts, culture, and ways of life to foreign public.
hosting and supporting various international exchange programs related to arts, culture, and education.
disseminating knowledge and broadening good understanding about Thai arts and culture via foreign media.
establishing overseas office in order to pursue above activities.
launching programs necessary for accomplishing the Foundation’s Mission.