Country : Bangkok is the World’s cheapest long-haul City News

Country : Bangkok is the World’s cheapest long-haul City



The Post Office Travel Money, a financial service of England, released a survey on          the World’s cheapest long-haul cities on 8 August 2017.  The result is that Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is the overall cheapest city.  Researchers looked at the prices of 11 travel essentials including  food and drink, sightseeing, airport transfers, and three nights’ accommodation. They then added the costs to create a total ‘basket price’ in order to determine which long-haul city actually offered the best value for money.  Thailand’s capital topped the list as the best value long-haul city with a total basket price of just 316.93 Pounds.

          Bangkok are followed by Tokyo, Beijing, Dubai, Cape Town, Singapore, Washington D.C., Toronto, New York and Boston.